Vijaya Boggala Talks About The Reasons Why People Must Have a Family Doctor

There are a host of minor medical issues that one might commonly face, such as sudden cold, piercing back pain, constipation or even a weird rash. Vijaya Boggala mentions that the best person to contact in such situations would be a family doctor. Dr. Boggala himself is a family medicine specialist in Durham, North Carolina.  His personal experience in the domain makes him a great candidate to discuss how family doctors actually benefit the patients. Dr. Boggala mentions that family doctors have unique attitudes, skills and knowledge that qualify them to deliver comprehensive medical care to each member of the family, right from young kids to their grandparents.

Continuity of care implies to the consistent contact of a person with their doctor. As per studies, continuity of care has been linked to better health, lower death rates and higher patient satisfaction. Vijaya Prakash Boggala mentions that trust is a crucial aspect of the doctor-patient relationship, and people are more likely to disclose important information with physicians they know and can depend on. This is where family doctors come in. These physicians usually take care of all the minor or simple medical issues a person may face, as well as can help in identifying if they have any symptoms of an underlying severe disease.

According to Vijaya Boggala, there are many factors that make it a good idea for people to have a family doctor. Here are some of them:

  • They are a trusted confidant: Whenever people are not feeling well, dealing with an embarrassing health problem or are struggling with pain, it is always better to see a familiar face than any unknown person. Moreover, a family doctor would have a better insight on the health history of the patients, which invariably helps them to treat the patient in a more competent manner.
  • They know and understand the patient: As people visit the same doctor time and again over the course of several years, the physician would eventually have a good understanding of the health, habits and general state of being. This would put them at a better position to diagnose the patients and prepare a comprehensive care plan for them.
  • They help in getting timely care: Vijaya Prakash Boggala mentions that while family doctors may not treat many severe conditions, they are usually the first ones to identify the symptom. In several cases, these doctors also recommend specialists who can treat the ailments faced by the patient.
  • They are invested in patient health: Family doctors do way more than just annual health checkups. They aid people to navigate chronic medical issues, like diabetes or asthma, as well as acute medical conditions like injury or illness.

When people have a professional medical expert who is well-acquainted with their health history, they can always ask their assistance when it comes to making any major healthcare decision.