KomatsuClosingBluefield, VirginiaPlant

Komatsu has begun the closure of its manufacturing plant in Bluefield, Virginia, according to a report from WVNS-TV.

The television station also reported that Bluefieldmayor Donnie Lynko us was not told of the eclosure. “None of us, nobody, has any idea whats oever,” Lynkoustoldthestation. “Andtheydidn’ttellanyofus. Theydidn’ttellthecounty, they didn’t tell our economic development director, they didn’t tell management with the town of Bluefield, Virginia. None of use elected officials.”

In a news release, Komatsu said it is adjusting its operations to needed capacity. Work from the Blue field facility will be shifted to three other locations in the United States. ThosewillbeinDuffield, Virginia; Lebanon, Kentucky; andHomerCity, Pennsylvania. Upto 100 people may be affected, according to WVNS.

“These are truly unprecedented times and as a company, we have had to adapt as best we can, working to balance capacity to demand,” said Peter Salditt, president of underground mining. “We have a longhistoryinBluefieldandthiswas a very difficult decision that we are sad to make. The contributions of everyone who worked there, past and present will always be a proud part of our history and wear working to support affected employees during this difficult time.”

Employees were told about the decision to close the facility year lier this week.

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