A Telltale Joker recreation idea

This really is an idea that I have been contemplating after ending the game and the idea alone could increase Telltale’s have lore Together with the Batman mythos. Specially the JokerThis is perhaps The 1st time we reach form and find out the sort of Joker that could come outside of it, and I found equally Variation to be the most effective I’ve witnessed Because the Heath Ledger effectiveness. What is actually so unique is that we now really need to variations from the Joker and also to me presents by itself withahuge possibility to develop the lore even more with this particular characterThe plan is this sport might be A 3 episode like “The Going for walks Useless: Michonne” match, and the game would follow the identical narrative, but the sole change may be the setting as you’ll Enjoy as both the Villain or Vigilante Joker. Each Variation whilst in the same narrative might have it’s individual Solid of supporting characters and their individual choices. It’s through Individuals you may shape your Joker and cement him In this particular universe. For me Vigilante Joker would fill the Pink Hood position With this universeBasically the sport would begin with John in Arkham, which Arkham Asylum would change depending on the decision at the end of season 1, and he would meet Harvey Dent, which yet again would rely on the selection of his behavior if he’s however Harvey Dent or Two-Face and his job will likely be decided With this, and as John determined by your alignment would possibly assist him or bring out the Two-Face persona. Then it would carry on having a breakout in Arkham had been a selection of people escape. John included, but Dr Leland could well be there injured within the explosion and you would be supplied a option to possibly go away her and succumb for the damage or assist her and have a tendency her wounds. Every would depend depending on the villain or the vigilante route and could be offered a reward decision depending on it. Like villain route had been you truly make Leland put up with until eventually she dies or vigilante you get her from hurt When you enable her. Harvey Dent’s function would also be depended as Two-Facial area is among those that escape, but Harvey Dent is not going to and you’d be provided a choice to either power out The 2-Facial area persona and convey him or just spare Harvey Dent and go away him.Then following the breakout it could go on as John could be Element of a crew consists of the villains. Between them is Penguin, Victor Zsasz, and no matter what villains that can do the job in this universe. Thought of contacting it the “Culture”. This might also tie into The larger DC Universe if Telltale would think about it. Similar to a Telltale Superman video game. Ultimately there will be times in the sport have been Joker has to choose, and yet again will contain the Villain/Vigilante(the good just one) route. Would Joker get rid of an harmless or help save them?The placingtoptenslife itself demands some planet, but you can get the concept of in which It truly is heading. According to the route this Joker would’ve his own cast and storyline. And perhaps kind friendship with a few. This may cement Joker as either a real or anti-villain or and anti-hero. I’m thinking while in the Vigilante route there can be a young girl he bonds with. Similar to the Joker’s daughter?Need to have to consider the environment but when they’ve got the technological innovation to make it happen like what has become finished inside the “Same Sew” episode then A 3 episode would deliver just thatWhat do you think of this idea? Should really Joker have his very own episode depending on possibly Villain/Vigilante? What Tips would you provide to this?

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