Reddy Kancharla Talks About The Soft Skills A Good Engineer Must Have

Engineering has been among the most popular domains to make a carrier in for decades. It currently is among the most exciting and fast growing fields of work, and provides college graduates with lucrative earning potential, job stability, and a lot of personal satisfaction. Reddy Kancharla mentions that there are several job roles available for engineers today. He mentions that for best career prospects, one should explore engineering opportunities in large cities like New York. Mr. Kancharla himself is a senior manager for civil engineering firms. He obtained his bachelor’s in civil engineering from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, and his master’s degree in civil engineering is from Texas Tech University at Lubbock.

The landscape of engineering has multiple branches, and a varying set of technical skills are required. Reddy Kancharla mentions that the credentials and qualifications needed by an engineer would depend on the branch of engineering they choose to focus on. However, the prime soft skills needed by an engineer would be more a less similar in all the branches of engineering.  While many believe that their soft skills are not important as their interpersonal skills, so is not the case. Especially in major cities like New York employers pick up on the deficiencies aspiring engineers tend to have in regards to their soft skills.  While the revenue and job prospects are better in a city like New York, it is also important that people hone their soft skills to increase chances of gaining a lucrative employment there.

Here are some of the most important skills needed to be an engineer as per Reddy Kancharla:

  • Communication: Even if a lot of engineering projects are majorly completed individually at a desk or computer, most of them start and end with a human discussion. It is vital for an engineer to have the capacity to properly communicate their thoughts with clarity, and listen to others, to see to it that any issues cropping up can be resolved quickly and the project can be completed on time.
  • Leadership:  Modern employers look for a candidate who can step up and manage the team whenever a tough situation arises. Hence, a person must try their best to hone their leadership skills, in order to prove themselves during trying times and climb up the organizational ladder.
  • Critical reasoning: By making use of the knowledge they have acquired throughout their career and education span, engineers should assess each situation logically and evaluate its critical points.
  • Creativity: The capacity to creatively solve a problem is the key to any profession, including engineering. Engineers must be able to think imaginatively and out of the box to swiftly each the solution of their problem.

In addition to the skills underlined above, confidence, hard work and determination are also valuable skills for any engineer. They additionally are highly resilient and be able to smartly face any trouble that may arise with their employment.