Brian Ferdinand, Business Expert: How to Enhance Your Family’s Corporate Housing Living Experience on Vacation

Interested in taking your young family on an extended vacation in the future? You may want to consider staying in a corporate housing unit, according to Brian Ferdinand, a leading business expert in a recently published article.Corporate housing units offer massive benefits for families across the globe, as they provide a touch of stability for both adults and children who are trying to navigate new surroundings. Here are a few tips for making the most of your family’s stay in a corporate housing unit.

Make the Property Feel Like Your Home

In his recent article, Brian Ferdinand, who is the managing partner of SoBeNY and its parent company CorpHousing Group, emphasizes that corporate housing units are designed to serve as fully furnished, home-like environments for traveling businesspeople as well as families. However, one way to make your family’s stay in a corporate housing unit even more homey is to bring certain items from home with you.

For instance, let’s say your family members have their favorite throw pillows or blankets. Be sure to pack them with you. Likewise, feel free to add a few of your home’s other highly valued features, like photos of each other or trinkets from past travels. Your children will likely find comfort in discovering these cherished items while getting adjusted to their new temporary home.

Use Your Space, and Be Sure to Explore

A major perk of corporate housing units is that they generally offer more space than your traditional hotel room does. So, be sure to fully use this space so that each family member gets the most out of the corporate housing stay. Don’t be afraid to spread out just as you would back at home.

At the same time, to avoid developing cabin fever, be sure to create plenty of opportunities to explore your local area while on vacation. For instance, take full advantage of sites such as cafes, museums, and nearby parks. In fact, allow your children to pick the places they are most interested in. You could also set aside a “free range” day to simply stumble across and uncover new sites.

Remember that the more you soak in your surroundings, more you’ll instill a passion for adventure in your children. In addition, you can use your trip to teach your children how to navigate a new city. Your corporate housing provider can give you some ideas of places to visit with the children if you need some guidance.